MEGOGO now offers 2 new Ukrainian HD channels: ETHNO CHANNEL HD and #NASHE MUSIC HD

16 March 2016

The Company #NASHE MEDIA launches two new TV-channels with exclusively Ukrainian content to show the world true Ukrainian cultural values: customs, legends, fairy tales, stories and beliefs etc. that open heart of Ukraine. VOD-service MEGOGO cockers up an idea of introducing Ukrainian art to the global audience and offers two new channels for subscription.

ЕТНNО CHANNEL HD is to cast various shows, whose titles speak for themselves: #NATIVE ethno music, #NATIVE tales, #NATIVE fables, #NATIVE legends, #NATIVE beliefs, #NATIVE traditions. TV channel slogan is #Get to know the value of folklore.

The other channel, #NASHE MUSIC HD is to be the channel of exclusively Ukrainian-speaking music. It should be noted that the emphasis is laid on broadcast of child’s music videos. Weekly charts, exclusive video presentations of Ukrainian stars and many other things are also foreseen. As they speak at #NASHE MEDIA “There is far more #NATIVE music than you can imagine!”.


MEGOGO TV-channels are available all over the globe save for some countries. Apart from Ukraine, new channels are to be available in the countries of huge Ukrainian diaspora – Canada, USA, Germany, Poland and others.

One should specify that currently MEGOGO service offers over 130 national and foreign channels, including 23 interactive MEGOGO channels.