The MEGOGO app is now available on Apple TV

23 May 2016

VOD service MEGOGO launched the app for Apple TV. It is available worldwide.

Simulator Screen Shot May 16, 2016, 17.16.33

Only free content is available in the first release, but Premieres, TV and movies subscriptions are to be added soon. Apple TV app will have all the great features familiar for users on mobile devices, PCs and connected TVs.

Service is provided for the worldwide audience, in all countries where Apple TV is available.

Ivan Shestakov, marketing director at MEGOGO: “We are getting a lot of requests to launch an app for Apple TV, and users want is as soon as possible. That is why we decided to launch the service gradually, updating it on a regular basis. The version that has been released, is basic, with minimal functionality, but users can already enjoy the high-quality movies and cartoons.”