MEGOGO presents HDR content to users

11 November 2016

MEGOGO, the largest VOD and OTT-service in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, launched HDR movies support. The owners of LG Super UHD and LG OLED TV models with the latest MEGOGO app are able to experience the benefits of the latest video format. HDR content became available at the same time in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Baltic states.

MEGOGO users have access to approximately 10 HDR movies by subscription “Movies and TV” and transactional model. “The Hateful Eight”, “Gods of Egypt”, “Voice of the Big Country”, “Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger”, “Mafia: The Survival Game”, “Flight crew”, “Pure Art “,”Youth” and “Criminal” are among the titles.

Unlike other video formats, HDR technology has greater dynamic range of luminosity and expanded depth of color that allows displaying more details in a single frame, making it brighter, clearer and richer. For example, viewers can distinguish all the details of dark scenes, even in with very bright areas in the same frame.

HDR format is supported on LG OLED TV, LG Super UHD and LG UHD form 2016.

Mr. Chang Hwang Jung, President of LG Electronics in Ukraine, expressed enthusiasm about the update allowing buyers of LG TVs with support of HDR to enjoy localized high-quality content, the number of which will constantly grow. “We have implemented HDR technology designed to enhance the viewing experience of our customers. However, the benefits of the innovation can be perceived only if the applicable content is available in every country. Now this issue is resolved for Ukraine as well”, – said Mr. Chang Hwang Jung.

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