Kvartal TV comedy channel is available to online-viewers worldwide

14 February 2017

Kvartal TV comedy channel, a co-production project of the Kvartal 95 studio and 1+1 media(both - Ukraine), was added to MEGOGO international subscription. Online cinema signed a contract on broadcasting Kvartal TV abroad — in all the countries where the video service is available.

Kvartal TV channel broadcasts twenty four – seven. Its programming is filled with entertainment shows, comedies, feature films, TV series, animation products and special projects of Kvartal 95 studio. Among them are such popular shows as “Vecherniy Kvartal”, “Liga smekha”, “Vecherniy Kyiv”, “Krajina U”, “Chisto News,” “Rassmeshi komika”, TV series “Svaty”, “Sluga Naroda”, “Rodstvenniki” etc.

Kvartal TV is available on all platforms – website, smartphones and tablets, connected TVs and set-top-boxes, just like all the other TV channels at MEGOGO.

Outside of the CIS and the Baltic States, there are several different MEGOGO subscriptions, offering, depending on the area, from 40 to 50 TV channels, including interactive movie channels created by MEGOGO. Now, however, the service’s international video library widened by popular humorous channel Kvartal TV.