UN Volunteers and MEGOGO Launch International Sign Course

26 June 2018

MEGOGO OTT/VOD service uploaded a course for learning international sign. The project aims at teaching everyone interested how to understand and communicate with hearing impaired or deaf people from every corner the world. MEGOGO partnered on this educational program with the UN Volunteers in Ukraine.

There are millions of people suffering from a hearing loss in the world. “Many of them need daily support and integration into the society. The use of the sign language by more people will enable social inclusion processes. The sign language, for example, is included in school curriculum and taken into account when hiring to the social services, police, and emergency responders in Scandinavian countries”, — MEGOGO says.

For over five years, MEGOGO actively engages in social care initiatives for people with a hearing loss within its project “Watch the Sound”. The service opened its own sign language translation studio and created a special section and an interactive channel with thousands of films for people with hearing impairment. The company regularly conducts cartoon screenings for children with hearing loss in Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States and the CIS. In addition to cartoons, young spectators get gifts, treats and an entertainment show from MEGOGO and company’s various partners. Now the service has launched the course. All videos are recorded at the MEGOGO studio.

The special video course for learning the international sign has 6 modules or, as they say in the movies, seasons. The project includes 30 educational videos with subtitles in two languages, English and Ukrainian. Users from all over the world can learn how to understand an alphabet, show numbers, maintain a dialogue including, for example, an everyday small-talk, or how to provide help in transportation, at hospital, at work or even at restaurant.

MEGOGO plans to produce video lessons on Ukrainian and Russian sign in the nearest future.