MEGOGO to Hold Hackathon for Online Media Projects

14 September 2018

On October 13-14, UNIT.CITY Innovation Park in Kyiv will host a topical Hackathon dedicated to development of technological media projects. The event organizer is MEGOGO media IT-company. The company is widely known as the largest OTT service in Eastern Europe and the CIS. There is no participation fee for the Hackathon.

Anyone can register and take part in the event. Upon registration, a participant must: 1) submit own project idea or 2) join team of a registered project if it does not have enough experts for its implementation. A participant can do it using a convenient user cabinet, which has a list of all registered projects. It allows user to send applications and view offers to join other projects.

MEGOGO Media Hackathon will feature works in five categories:

  • Big Screen Solutions,
  • Data Driven Media,
  • Interactive Content and Services,
  • Mobile Media,
  • Future and Innovation.

MEGOGO Media Hackathon has a $5,000 prize fund. “We are sure that money will not be the main driver for participants. We would like to see creators come up with ideas for projects beneficial for the industry and users. These projects could be implemented after the event. Actually, project’s benefit will be an important criterion for the jury’s evaluation. Our expertise will help non-standard projects with mentoring and investment, should teams be willing to continue their work after the Hackathon. The combination of media and IT evolves fast but many things should be crafted from scratch including technology solutions. We know this from own experience. Video makes 70% of total Internet traffic, while solutions for its encoding, processing, transmission and playback are in the early stage of development. Challenges for the industry are countless, therefore we are looking forward to interesting ideas that could transform and improve media services,” says Dmitry Melkov, CIO at MEGOGO and mentor of the MEGOGO Media Hackathon.

MEGOGO MEDIA HACKATHON 2018 will take place at UNIT.CITY on October 13-14. So far, organizers estimate that event will attract 12-15 teams, meaning there will be 60-80 participants. 10 mentors and industry experts, mostly top MEGOGO developers, will assist participants in work on the projects. “This is a battle. It will last 48 hours. Teams will dive right into work completely. Participants will hardly have any time to think about rest, snack or even a small break. This is why we took full responsibility for Hackathon supplies. We provide catering, drinks, snacks and other small stuff. We even think about giving out toothbrushes and pastes,” says Dmitry Malkov, CIO at MEGOGO, announcing the welcoming kit for media Hackathon participants.

Registration for MEGOGO Media Hackathon 2018 is already open.