Music Channel on Alternative Culture, MEGOGO LIVE, Launches in Ukraine. What you should know about the new channel.

05 November 2018

Late on November 1, 2018, a new music channel, MEGOGO LIVE, was launched in Ukraine. Jenya Galich, the lead singer of O.Torvald band (the band was selected as Eurovision 2017 contestant from Ukraine), is the channel’s producer and mastermind. The channel features a non-stop (24/7) broadcast of unique videos from the Ukrainian alternative music scene, art shows, parties, multiple entertainment for the youth, and shows of project’s own production. There are plans to distribute content not only on MEGOGO platform, but also on YouTube and social networks. It will appear in cable networks of telecom operators some time. The channel is launched in Ukraine now, however, in the future it will be adapted for other countries where MEGOGO is available. “We start with Ukraine. We will gradually adapt it for other regions, as each country’s viewers are interested in local content mostly,” Ivan Shestakov emphasizes.

The channel stream:

The Idea

The idea to create the channel appeared last summer. More than two years ago, the MEGOGO platform launched the MEGOGO LIVE section, which featured live broadcast of festivals, concerts and other unique cultural events. “We were filming home concerts of well-known performers, and Jenya Galich was one of the stars at those concerts. A week after filming, he came to the MEGOGO office and suggested creating a daring project of the same kind, but on a much larger scale. The planning took several weeks and when it was complete, we started to assemble a project team,” says Ivan Shestakov, the strategy and marketing director at MEGOGO.

Preparing for the launch

The first steps to create the channel were made in August 2018. “First of all, we tried to shape the project’s concept. We realized soon that we actually launch a separate channel. So when we agreed on how exactly it should look like, we immersed ourselves in the preparation,” Ivan recalls. The channel team devoted a big chunk of time to tackle legal issues, carefully pick the content and film trial, pilot episodes of their own shows.

What is different about the channel and why it does not fear the competition

Ivan Shestakov: “First, competitors do not have Jenya Galich with his inexhaustible energy. Second, our competitors do not and will not have the MEGOGO platform. It embraces seven years of media expertise and experience in implementing large-scale projects while spending adequate resources. Just kidding, of course. However, it is a mystery why there have been so few such projects by now. There was an obvious need to launch this format.”

The Ukrainian market is abundant with the works of modern musicians, directors, painters, designers and other artists, but TV channels fail to notice a new culture for some reason. They prefer routine broadcasts of projects that have format an average viewer got used to,” Jenya Galich comments.

Who creates MEGOGO LIVE channel

Today, the project’s creative team has five people. They are responsible for the main content and also connect it all with other MEGOGO divisions. The rest of the processes are implemented by the existing MEGOGO divisions. It should be noted that the company has almost 400 employees in total.

The producer

Jenya Halych is the creator and mastermind of the project. He came up with an idea to us, and we assisted in shaping and implementing it. Jenya Galich helped us radically transform MEGOGO Live, which was also dedicated to music and modern culture. Now it is a completely different product: much stronger, bigger and cooler than the previous one.

Notably, Jenya Galich is experienced in TV projects: he was a host and creator in a number of entertainment programs, including music shows.

Channel’s aim and mission

The project aims to create a powerful platform for development of the modern youth culture; to expose new faces, new heroes, personalities and opinion leaders to broader audiences; simply to introduce viewers to the phenomena that they have not noticed before.

“Our channel focuses at searching for new names and meeting new faces; at finding interesting opinion leaders, shaping the audience’s taste and improving the quality of their free time. We are trying to offer an alternative to the viewer. It includes videos by performers, who cannot be heard or seen on existing music channels and radio stations; live broadcasts of shows and electronic music parties; news from the world of movies, entertainment shows; collaboration with the most interesting Ukrainian projects. It features everything that viewers used to surf the internet for. Now, we are collecting it all on the single platform,” MEGOGO LIVE producer explains the concept of the channel.

The key message of MEGOGO’s new media project: “Grew up, but has not grown old“. This motto can relate to a couple of generations, who refuse to say goodbye to the spoils of youth and do not hurry up to grow up. The platform is about them and for them. And all this is 24/7.

The content and the shows

Music videos form the channel’s core. They are divided into several theme blocks and each of them has its own rotation rules. The channel also has charts, news, new discoveries and various shows. We plan to air at least one show of our own production in prime time every day. “Now we have over two dozen ideas and formats in development. We gradually discontinue pilots and test different formats. Shows will be launched by seasons as on other channels. In addition to our own formats, we are introducing partner products one by one. A lot of interesting joint projects with music media, independent creators and bloggers are planned. We will announce all the details to our viewers on the channel soon,” Ivan Shestakov explains.

New shows will feature music, youth culture, and extreme and cyber sports.

MEGOGO LIVE is not an experiment but a solid product

“Our new channel is a solid product. We put a lot of effort in its creation. It is clearly not an experiment. Our goal is simple: we want our channel to be available everywhere to as many people as possible. We need to be on any platform and in any network in order to do this. Today, we launch on our own platform to reach out to our viewers as soon as possible but we have arrangements with other operators already. MEGOGO LIVE is a long-term project,” the strategy and marketing director says.

The infrastructure

We provide almost all technical support by ourselves. There is a small studio where we shoot most of the first projects. In the future, we plan to increase our capabilities. The studio equipment also belongs to MEGOGO, however the project team still rents some specific equipment required for some projects, like pilots of new shows.

The free channel

The project is available on the MEGOGO platform for free. All proprietary channel content is also planned to be distributed free of charge. “What exactly comes out from partnerships with other operators – we shall see. This will become clear as soon as we get the statistics, which means, by the end of this year. But since our goal is to win the broadest audience possible, we do not plan to take money from users in the near future,” Ivan Shestakov explains.