MEGOGO is available offline for iOS devices

01 May 2019

Earlier, in January of this year, the developers have already released the option for MEGOGO Android application users (smartphone and tablets). Now, owners of iOS devices can save video content of the service to their device and watch movies and cartoons offline. The new option is universal and will be especially usable for those who travel a lot, fly by airplane, often go by subway or other means of transport and are not always Internet well-connected but enjoy their time by watching videos.

The movie download option extends to more than 7,000 content units (blockbusters, hit movies, television serials, TV shows and much more). Gradually, the number of videos with the right to download to the device is increasing. All new movies have already been available for watching with this very option, there are almost no exceptions here. By the end of the year, it will be possible to download 95% of all films from MEGOGO catalog. However, nevertheless, some part of the content will remain unavailable for using the option as some copyright holders are not very fast to agree to accept the technologies of the 21st century.

The function is very simple in use – on the page of the film/ television serials/cartoon/any other video available for offline watch in the application one can see a new icon ‘download’. After downloading to the device, the film can be watched without an internet connection. In addition, in the service settings you can select the audio track, video quality, as well as see the download memory size in the device. If it is necessary you can delete previously downloaded video from the device’s memory. The downloaded video itself will appear in ‘I’m watching’ tab, ‘My Downloads’ section. In that very place the viewer will be offered filters by all content categories that can be saved on the device. The offline watch option is available for MEGOGO subscribers only.