MEGOGO mobile app launches Stories

24 May 2019

The video service team is working on creation of the editorial staff and planning to develop a new format of entertainment and educational media resource. Every day the service users will be offered to view several categories of short vertical scientific, educational and entertaining videos. It will allow the video service users to learn about interesting facts, natural phenomena, discoveries or events, as well as to watch trailers or movie epic segments, TV series or TV shows presented on the platform.

From now on MEGOGO mobile app for Android and iOS offers its users a new video format of entertainment and educational content, Stories. It is implemented by analogy with the same function working in such social networks as Instagram and Snapchat.

At the current stage, the new content block of MEGOGO Stories can be found in the upper part of the home page of the mobile application and represents a video list consisting of about 20 daily updated vertical video clips (the average time is up to one and a half minutes each). The video stories are based on the most interesting fragments and facts from TV programs/shows, TV series, news, films. However, they are all assembled as separate news reports, stories, episodes or trailers with the further possibility to view the original full version.

Each story has its own title, the name of the program or film where the episode or fact was taken from. The subtitles are displayed on the screen; the sound on/off button can be found in the left corner. In addition, there is a possibility of instant forwarding to view the full video. At the very top of the screen there is a tape with tick marks (their number is equal to the number of relevant stories in this category available at the moment). It allows changing episodes of the chosen subject quickly, or going to the next category that can also be done with the help of usual swipe to the right.

As of now Stories are divided into thematic categories: technology, history, travel, food, animals, news, series, and films – in a while there will be a greater variety of videos according to different users’ preferences and interests. Moreover, the next step in expanding Stories categories is attracting to the production process of third-party resources, for example, media.

At the moment, eight journalists are working on MEGOGO Stories project. In the nearest future several more people, including motion designers will join the team.

In addition, MEGOGO service will soon announce the launch of another media product that will also become a part of a new media resource that the editorial staff is working on.