MEGOGO LIVE youth channel will appear in cable TV

08 August 2019

As from now, the youth channel of alternative music MEGOGO LIVE is available to all cable TV providers in Ukraine. Music videos of young Ukrainian artists, live concerts, electronic parties, news from the filmland, entertainment shows and collaborations with the most fashionable bloggers and artists will become more accessible to the Ukrainian audience.

Оn August 8, the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine decided to include MEGOGO LIVE channel to the List of programs, the content of which meets the requirements of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television and legislation of Ukraine. Thus, the channel goes beyond the video platform and can be distributed in cable television networks of Ukraine.

“When we created MEGOGO LIVE, we saw that over the past few years Ukrainians had self-identified. We realize that we have a huge culture, which is not limited to what is already present in the existing mainstream radio stations and TV channels. Ukrainian art is modern, youth and a little rebellious, which is worthy to be in every home. After all, the new Ukrainian music and culture is really cool”, Zhenya Galych says, producer of MEGOGO LIVE and frontman of O.Torvald band.

“The exit of one of our TV channels beyond the OTT-platform means for us a new era in the development of the media landscape of Ukraine. Exactly a year ago we had an idea to create a youth TV channel and today we are ready to present it to every Ukrainian. MEGOGO monthly audience of the channel is already more than 200 thousand viewers. We hope that by releasing the channel in the cable network, we will gather a much wider audience, and talented artists will be seen by the whole country. Such projects are extremely necessary for modern television, because most TV channels lose viewers who are looking for interesting content on the Internet. We tried to do the opposite – to pack the latest Internet trends in the channel and revive convenient television consumption for such a progressive rebellious youth”, Ivan Shestakov says, Director of strategy and marketing of MEGOGO.

MEGOGO LIVE will gradually appear among software service providers. Still, the channel is available on MEGOGO platform on any device.

Let us recall that MEGOGO LIVE is MEGOGO project of Eastern Europe’s biggest video streaming service for viewing online video and TV. The catalog of the resource includes more than 77,000 units of video, of which more than 5,000 feature films and TV series, more than 1,500 cartoons, about 45,000 television shows, concerts and music videos, as well as more than 20,000 news programs. The service provides the ability to view content on any device – Smart TV, computers, tablet PCs, smartphones, etc. Mobile applications MEGOGO for iOS and Android will make viewing even more convenient.

MEGOGO LIVE is a music channel from a popular video service that was launched on November 1, 2018. Its producer and inspirator is Zhenya Galych – a frontman of O.Torvald band. This is the first and only one of its kind entertainment project about Ukrainian youth culture on MEGOGO platform, which opens new heroes, personalities and opinion leaders to a wide audience. MEGOGO LIVE broadcasts 24/7 and offers music videos of artists that can not be found on the market music channels, live concerts, electronic parties, news from the world of cinema, entertainment shows and collaborations with interesting Ukrainian projects. MEGOGO LIVE rapidly develops projects of its own production, among which the following ones already gained popularity: “I know 3 words”, “Explain the track”, “Young Blood Test” and others. The project gathered everything for which the viewer had to spend hours monitoring the Internet in one place.