MEGOGO Goes Audio

03 December 2019

Thousands of audio books, hundreds of multi-genre podcasts, and own audio content production. MEGOGO video service announced the launch of a new business direction - audio. It provides everything except music. From now on, MEGOGO will feature audiobooks from the top publishers and podcasts on a variety of topics. MEGOGO Audio operates in 15 post-Soviet countries.

“A modern user increasingly tries to combine several things at once while consuming content. Being on the go, at the gym, doing routine work – the smartphone is always within reach. One of the most convenient ways to get useful information is an audio content. All over the world, this trend is growing fast. Even many music platforms admit that consumption of non-music content on their resources is increasing. Unlike other countries, this trend is not yet very popular in our countries, but we believe that appropriate and high-quality content will change this situation, ”- says Ivan Shestakov, Marketing and Strategy Director at MEGOGO.

The platform currently has about 800 multi-genre audiobooks available, and in the coming month their number will grow to 4,000-5,000 and will continue to increase throughout the next year. Many of the bestsellers will be available to MEGOGO subscribers, but some will be sold individually similar to movie premieres. In addition, MEGOGO plans to produce a significant portion of audiobooks by itself. The team will involve both professional speakers and book authors.

“When we started the book acquisition process, we discovered that there were almost no quality audiobooks in the market. We will devote much of our efforts to record them. To make the listening process as interesting as possible, we will invite contemporary authors. We are actively negotiating it already,” adds Ivan Shestakov.

As to the podcasts, listeners have access to about 100 free episodes. They are divided into topics including stories about phenomena, trends, events, processes and first-hand accounts about persons. Most episodes are own production. In addition, many podcasts have been created in partnership with popular projects and brands. MEGOGO is currently testing new formats for its podcasts, which it will introduce to listeners later on. At the same time, negotiations are underway with other podcast producers to provide users with as much selected audio content as possible.

The audio section will only be available to MEGOGO smartphone app users. The update is already available for Android phones and will be available on iOS in a month. The company is not going to limit itself to audiobooks and podcasts, and will introduce some more unconventional audio formats soon.