MEGOGO Mediaservice Unveils New MEGOGO BOX Console

13 February 2020

Smart TV functions can now be accessed on any TV. MEGOGO launched new MEGOGO BOX media console with advanced functionality and 4K support. The product will benefit anyone, who has not purchased a Smart TV yet. The console is already available for delivery.

MEGOGO BOX allows users to access services that requite Smart features on any TV set. By connecting the console to the TV, a user receives full functionality from the MEGOGO media service, in particular, thousands of movies, series and more than 250 TV channels. It has broadcast controls including pause and rewind as well as TV archive.

The new MEGOGO BOX, unlike the previous model, has open access to Google Play, allowing you to install any application. Additionally, the console has two optional TV connectors: HDMI V1.4, which supports 4K resolution, and AV, also known as RCA.

“The lack of Smart features on a TV is no longer an obstacle to watching popular video services. The MEGOGO BOX console has all the functions that you need. It is important that it has RCA connector thus greatly expanding the accessible TV lineup. The device is easy to connect and has a simple interface. Meanwhile, its affordable price can introduce most people to a new generation of television,” explains Ivan Shestakov, the strategy and marketing director at MEGOGO.

MEGOGO BOX is available directly from the MEGOGO media service site with free shipping. In addition to the device itself, the package includes a remote control, two types of connection cables, batteries, a network adapter and an instruction manual. The MEGOGO BOX is priced at 999 UAH(euro 37).