MEGOGO Launches Audio Channels, A New Format for Audiobooks

09 November 2020

Today, MEGOGO media service launches two interactive audio channels. Just by tuning in, you can listen to an audiobook. The new audio channels are similar to MEGOGO’s own interactive [M] channels. Each [M] channel has a thematic playlist and functionality, including pause, rewind or fast forward, as well as an option to select content both from the archive and from the further broadcast. The [M] audio channels will be available on smart TVs and iOS and Android smartphones. You can find them in the Audio subsection of the TV Channels section. While listening to a broadcast of one of the channels, you will see information on the book and a QR code. By scanning the QR code, you can reach the MEGOGO Audio section.

New audio channels include [M] Psychology and Motivation AUDIO, which will offer audiobooks on lifestyle, behavior, and wellness, and [M] Success Stories AUDIO, which will feature impressive biographies of famous people.

“MEGOGO is constantly shaping new habits of content consumption. This time we offer our users a new way of listening to audiobooks. Too often we spend more time choosing content than consuming it. To make a choice easier, first, we have created audio channels. And also, if someone could only imagine a book on TV, then MEGOGO simply made it a reality,” says Ivan Shestakov, strategic development director at MEGOGO.

The new audio channels are already available for listening and included in the “TV and Cinema: Maximum” subscription package. The company plans to expand the list of such channels.