MEGOGO mobile app launches Stories

24 May 2019

The video service team is working on creation of the editorial staff and planning to develop a new format of entertainment and educational media resource. Every day the service users will be offered to view several categories of short vertical scientific, educational and entertaining videos. It will allow the video service users to learn about interesting facts, natural phenomena, discoveries or events, as well as to watch trailers or movie epic segments, TV series or TV shows presented on the platform.

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MEGOGO is available offline for iOS devices

01 May 2019

Earlier, in January of this year, the developers have already released the option for MEGOGO Android application users (smartphone and tablets). Now, owners of iOS devices can save video content of the service to their device and watch movies and cartoons offline. The new option is universal and will be especially usable for those who travel a lot, fly by airplane, often go by subway or other means of transport and are not always Internet well-connected but enjoy their time by watching videos.

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Bakcell subscribers get a free access to MEGOGO

15 April 2019

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and the Fastest Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan started cooperating with famous MEGOGO video service. This partnership will provide Bakcell subscribers with a FREE access to up to 10 thousand licensed movies, cartoons, TV-shows and other video content for the period of up to 12 months.

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MEGOGO goes beyond internet and turns into offline

09 April 2019

The users of MEGOGO Android application (smartphone and tablets) can download movies, cartoons and TV serials to their device and watch them offline. The convenience option will be the most attractive for travelers, people who often go by the subway and are not always Internet well-connected.

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Music Channel on Alternative Culture, MEGOGO LIVE, Launches in Ukraine. What you should know about the new channel.

05 November 2018

Late on November 1, 2018, a new music channel, MEGOGO LIVE, was launched in Ukraine. Jenya Galich, the lead singer of O.Torvald band (the band was selected as Eurovision 2017 contestant from Ukraine), is the channel’s producer and mastermind. The channel features a non-stop (24/7) broadcast of unique videos from the Ukrainian alternative music scene, art shows, parties, multiple entertainment for the youth, and shows of project’s own production. There are plans to distribute content not only on MEGOGO platform, but also on YouTube and social networks. It will appear in cable networks of telecom operators some time. The channel is launched in Ukraine now, however, in the future it will be adapted for other countries where MEGOGO is available. “We start with Ukraine. We will gradually adapt it for other regions, as each country’s viewers are interested in local content mostly,” Ivan Shestakov emphasizes.

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Stories Instead of Trailers, Video Content Gamification and Playback Voice Control: the First Tech Media Hackathon in Kyiv Names the Winners

18 October 2018

On October 13-14, UNIT.CITY innovation park hosted MEGOGO Media Hackathon 2018, a 30-hour IT-marathon for high-tech media projects. The participants, the youngest of which was 17 years old, managed to develop projects from mere ideas to working software prototypes. $5,000 in prizes was awarded to three winners. There event had it drama as well.

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Movies Sound: MEGOGO Launches a Movie Channel for the Visually Impaired

24 September 2018

MEGOGO OTT/VOD service launched a new interactive channel, [M] Movies Sound HD. It aims to help people with low vision enjoy the movies. All the content on the channel has a typhlo-commentary, an audio description, and is adapted specifically for the visually impaired.

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MEGOGO to Hold Hackathon for Online Media Projects

14 September 2018

On October 13-14, UNIT.CITY Innovation Park in Kyiv will host a topical Hackathon dedicated to development of technological media projects. The event organizer is MEGOGO media IT-company. The company is widely known as the largest OTT service in Eastern Europe and the CIS. There is no participation fee for the Hackathon.

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MEGOGO Acclaimed As The Best PAY TV in Ukraine

10 September 2018

Telecom Awards 2018 named the strongest players of the industry. The ceremony was a part of the annual Telecom Ukraine Conference in Odesa(Ukraine). Industry experts declared MEGOGO video service the best TV project of the year in the PAY TV category.

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Hundreds of “Kazakhfilm” Studio Movies to Be Available Worldwide

17 August 2018

The Kazakhfilm studio and MEGOGO, the largest VOD service in the CIS and Eastern Europe, signed the long-anticipated partnership contract. On September 1, more than a hundred movies produced by the Kazakhstan studio will be available to viewers worldwide.

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