MEGOGO Launches Its Own Production Travel Show “Dasha Rides the Wave”

30 June 2017

The largest OTT/VOT service in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries MEGOGO will screen an adventure saga of its own production. It features famous Ukrainian TV host and radio presenter Dasha KOLOMIEС. She and her friends went to Portuguese coast to surf the waves and to get an experience of life in the land of Vinho do Porto and royal sardines. Dasha has not surfed before.

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The highest security standards: MEGOGO online cinema received PCI DSS certificate. What does it mean?

12 April 2017

MEGOGO VOD service has passed all necessary procedures, including audit and scanning of the information infrastructure, and conducting specialized trainings for the employees. As a result, the company received the second level of certification, which allows it to process up to 6 million card transactions per year.

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Kvartal TV comedy channel is available to online-viewers worldwide

14 February 2017

Kvartal TV comedy channel, a co-production project of the Kvartal 95 studio and 1+1 media(both - Ukraine), was added to MEGOGO international subscription. Online cinema signed a contract on broadcasting Kvartal TV abroad — in all the countries where the video service is available.

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MEGOGO summed up 5 years of operations and predicted future market trends

25 November 2016

MEGOGO, the biggest OTT and video-on-demand service in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, on its 5th anniversary summarized the major landmarks in the company development, presented data on the paying audience and highlighted the industry trends.

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Black Friday on MEGOGO

25 November 2016

MEGOGO announced a “Black Friday” sale on all its platforms that will last until the end of the weekend. From Friday, November 25th through Sunday, November 27th 2016 all users will be able to buy movies at MEGOGO with up to 80% discounts.

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MEGOGO presents HDR content to users

11 November 2016

MEGOGO, the largest VOD and OTT-service in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, launched HDR movies support. The owners of LG Super UHD and LG OLED TV models with the latest MEGOGO app are able to experience the benefits of the latest video format. HDR content became available at the same time in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Baltic states.

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A new MEGOGO channel that only broadcasts content with sign language

21 October 2016


Leading VOD/OTT service in Eastern Europe and CIS countries MEGOGO has launched an interactive channel Watch the Sound for people with hearing loss continuing its social project of the same name. The channel broadcasts content only with sign language translation.

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Ivan Shestakov: We’re not going to charge all our users

03 August 2016

Marketing Director of MEGOGO talks about business approaches, piracy, innovation and development of the VOD-service in an interview with This comprehensive and broad text answers many questions about the VOD/OTT-market. Ivan explains how the free/advert model and paid services work, why MEGOGO needs TV and a lot more. Highly recommended.

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MEGOGO started streaming large-scale live events

07 July 2016

The biggest VOD&OTT service in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, MEGOGO announced the launch of a new line of business today. It starts live broadcasting of large-scale popular sporting and cultural events: music festivals, niche sports and cyber sports tournaments. Z-Games 2016, the largest in Eastern Europe sports and music festival, is going to become the first headliner of the new project.

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MEGOGO launched a new channel in Baltic region with video content in 3D format only

04 July 2016

New interactive channel by the MEGOGO online-cinema became available for the Smart TV owners In Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 3D BALTIC HD - where all programs, movies and cartoons are broadcasted exclusively in 3D vision . Similar quality is available for the owners with 3D technology televisions, the number of which is constantly growing in the Baltic region.

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