Compute vision and neural networks: MEGOGO to launch new promo technologies

16 June 2016

The Company promises a breakthrough in advertising business MEGOGO online cinema team started testing new technologies built upon computer vision and neural networks, meant for bringing media advertising to a new level in the nearest future. We speak about image identification technology in a streaming video. The Company believes it’s possible to change the very approach to advertising by means of innovations. They should simultaneously decrease advertising load on the video platform users and increase advertising efficiency in several times.

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A universal premier. MEGOGO marked initiation of its own content production by release of the animation legend, “The Cossacks. Football”

06 June 2016

MEGOGO, the largest world’s No. 1 video service for Russian-speaking audience has officially announced release of the first project of its own content production – an animated series titled “The Cossacks. Football”. The project is aimed to the global market.

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The MEGOGO app is now available on Apple TV

23 May 2016

VOD service MEGOGO launched the app for Apple TV. It is available worldwide.

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A film-distributing company established by MEGOGO

23 March 2016

VOD service MEGOGO has announced launch of its own film-distributing branch - MEGOGO Distribution to expand business among independent film distributors. New business line is headed by Katerina Morozova, a Director General of MEGOGO Distribution as well. Formerly, Katerina dealt with film distribution at “Volga” and “A Company”. New company belongs to current shareholders of MEGOGO. Vladimir Artemenko, the owner of “TopFilm Distribution, also became a co-owner of a newly established business.

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MEGOGO now offers 2 new Ukrainian HD channels: ETHNO CHANNEL HD and #NASHE MUSIC HD

16 March 2016

The Company #NASHE MEDIA launches two new TV-channels with exclusively Ukrainian content to show the world true Ukrainian cultural values: customs, legends, fairy tales, stories and beliefs etc. that open heart of Ukraine. VOD-service MEGOGO cockers up an idea of introducing Ukrainian art to the global audience and offers two new channels for subscription.

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MEGOGO announces the launch of a virtual reality application

18 December 2015

MEGOGO has released its own VR application named «MEGOGO» VR which is available in all major areas of presence at CIS region and Baltic countries. Now 3D movies with Virtual Reality Mode and 2D movies with Cinema Effect are available to owners of mobile devices on Android platform. In the nearest future, the release of an application for iOS is expected as well.

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