Press kit

Dear journalists, below you can find information about our service and our speakers, also you can download the logo and other graphics for use in your publications.

Логотип MEGOGO


MEGOGO is one of the largest media services in Eastern Europe for watching videos, TV, and listening to audio. Its monthly audience is 55 million unique users. Catalog of the service has more than 150 thousand hours of content. Media service collaborates with famous studios: FOX, BBC, Sony, Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, etc.

MEGOGO is changing users’ habits about modern content consumption: interactive TV, high-quality movies and cartoons, a system of recommendations based on benefits, own thematic interactive channels, a separate section with games on Smart TV, thousands of audiobooks, and podcasts.

MEGOGO is available on all top  Internet platforms: Smart TV, media players, set-top boxes Apple TV, Android TV, game consoles, smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android, and also on computers.

In the winter of 2019, the company launched a new direction MEGOGO Audio, which offers audiobooks and podcasts. This section is available for users of MEGOGO application on smartphones based on iOS and Android, and also in cars with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto audio systems. The section features more than 10,000 audiobooks and about 5,000 podcast episodes. Some of them are originally produced by MEGOGO.

MEGOGO is actively developing the Sports section. Exclusive streamings of the best sports events are available to media service viewers.

In the spring of 2020, MEGOGO launched a separate section with games. Now users of the program on Smart TV can relax with the whole family not only watching movies and TV but also competing in popular games. Their number is constantly growing, and the model range of TVs with game support is increasing.

A separate MEGOGO project «Dyvys yak chutno»  (which means: “See how it is heard”), a studio that creates sign language translations and audio descriptions for movies. More than a thousand films of various genres are already available for people with hearing and visual impairments.

MEGOGO is a provider of entertainment that always has something to occupy its user.

MEGOGO speakers:

  • Vladimir Borovik
  • Ivan Shestakov
    • Chief Innovation Officer MEGOGO
  • Valeria Tolochina
    • Chief Marketing MEGOGO
  • Andjeys Piateckus
    • CEO MEGOGO Baltics
  • Nurlan Chukubaev
    • CEO MEGOGO Central Asia
  • Nikolay Velikiy
    • CEO MEGOGO Moldova
  • Karina Stolpinskaya
    • CEO MEGOGO Belarus
  • Farid Khalilov
    • CEO MEGOGO Azerbaijan